U.S.S. Cyprien
Picture of the Cyprien

Similar to the Rowan-class ships, the Malachi-class cruisers take the same primary hull and engineering configuration and rearrange them into a sleeker, more efficient configuration. Mounting improved warp engines and enhanced phaser emitters, the Malachi-class was better able to function in remote areas of the Federation for extended periods than vessels of the Rowan-class. Unfortunately, problems within the power distribution system prevented Starfleet from ordering more than the initial order of eight vessels, despite the correction of the flaw during refitting. Three vessels of this class remain in service, two have been destroyed, and three are in commercial service.

The U.S.S. Cyprien (NCC-17925) was a casualty of miscommunications. During the Cardassian War, the Cyprien was patrolling the border of disputed space when she was attacked by a Cardassian destroyer. When sending a message requesting assistance the subspace processors accidentally mis-coded the signal, giving the message a low priority and preventing its being read for several hours. By the time the mistake was recognized, the Cyprien had been destroyed, along with most of her crew.

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