U.S.S. Cyclone
U.S.S. Cyclone
Picture of the Cyclone

Designed during a period of rising tensions between the Federation and Klingon Empire, the Cyclone-class ships were conceived to function as fast attack ships, able to respond immediately to any act of aggression by an enemy. For ease of maintenance and speed of repair the Cyclone-class ships were based heavily upon the well-established design of the Excelsior II-class, and functioned better than expected in preliminary tests. However, when tensions with the Klingon Empire eased Starfleet Command decided to cancel the project during the system testing phase, believing that the Galaxy and Nebula classes were the best choices for further development.

Starfleet recently decided to reactivate the two completed prototype ships (the U.S.S. Cyclone and U.S.S. Hurricane) to participate in the current war with the Dominion. Since that time both vessels have performed well, taking only minor damage while inflicting many more losses upon the enemy. At this point Starfleet is considering the completion of four more ships of this class whose partially-completed spaceframes have been in storage at the Inkestra IX Storage Facility.

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