U.S.S. Cu'Chulainn
Picture of the Cu'Chulainn

In an ongoing attempt to find the ideal replacement for the aging Excelsior-class, Starfleet Command placed limited orders for several new ship classes during the middle of the twenty-fourth century in order to determine their effectiveness outside of computer sinulations. One of the candidates was the Magnus-class, a lighter, more maneuverable vessel with adequate defensive capabilities and an excellent sensor package. Although the seven ships performed well, Starfleet was concerned with potential weaknesses in the nacelle pylon structures and ultimately decided not to order further vessels.

Among these is the U.S.S. Cu'Chulainn (NCC-59817), which has served with the Third Fleet since the beginning of the Dominion War. The Cu'Chulainn has suffered severe damage on several occasions, but a dedicated crew and excellent component swapout capabilities have kept the ship in fighting condition for much of the war.

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