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Starfleet has long understood the need for rapid-response medical vessels, but never before has the urgency to create such a ship been so great.After the Borg attacks at Wolf 359 and Penzatti and the destruction of Melona IV by the Silicon Entity, Starfleet Command requested designs for a rapid-response medical ship that could functionboth in space and on a planetary surface. Biraktes designers responded with the Solace-class ships. These ships are capable of separating into two pieces which can then land on a planet's surface to function as full hospitals and treat up to 650 patients per section. Even more impressive is the ability to separate in space, position each section at opposite ends of a ship in trouble, and immediately perform a lifeform scan and mass beamout to the medical wards. This system can transport up to 1300 beings to the rescue ship in three minutes or less, and can even separate cases of severe trauma and transport them directly to surgery beds.

The U.S.S. Clara Barton (NCC-88546) is possibly the most famous Solace-class rescue ship, mostly because of her efforts in the aftermath of the recent Borg crisis in the Sol system. Working constantly for over one hundred hours, the Clara Barton recovered over three thousand beings from sixteen damaged or destroyed vessels. In addition, she has participated in dozens of deep-space rescues and planetary relief efforts, all with an excellent record of success.

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