U.S.S. Chernigov
Picture of the Chernigov

The Auckland-class cruisers stand out in the history of Biraktes Shipyards; these seven ships were the first vessels to be both designed and built exclusively at Biraktes facilities. While small and underpowered in comparison to modern vessels, the Auckland-class ships were very well liked in their day, a fact which kept themin service until the ending years of the twenty-fourth century, long past their original projected lifespan. These ships served as exploration and patrol ships until the middle of the twenty-third century, when they were supplanted by the Constitution-class heavy cruisers. None of these ships remain in active Starfleet service.

The U.S.S. Chernigov (NCC-936) was the seventh ship built in this class. While now over one hundred and seventy-five years old, the Chernigov is still in use at the Biraktes Shipyard facilities in the Inkestra star system as a personnel and cargo transport. There are no current plans to retire the vessel.

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