U.S.S. Carthage NCC-377
Damian-class Heavy Cruiser

Picture of the Carthage

Following the Romulan War Starfleet adopted a policy of attaching several small combat-ready ships to large facilities (such as Starbases) and important worlds like Earth Colony 2. These ships were smaller than most Starfleet ships and lacked all but the most basic scientific facilities and crew quarters, and were designed to operate from a central base of operations; in fact, these ships were unable to operate independently for more than two or three weeks before they had to return to their home port for replenishment of fuel and consumables. Of the several designs approved by Starfleet for construction at individual fleet yards, the Damian-class stands out as the first heavy cruiser adopted by the young Federation. While built with more endurance than most of her sister classes, the seven Damian-class ships were still unable to function alone for more than six weeks, which made their effective range limited. Their most outstanding feature, though, was the fact that there were four warp nacelles rather than the standard two, which made their top speed Warp 5.6 for short periods (usually long enough to catch up with their quarry).

The U.S.S. Carthage (NCC-377) was launched in 2186 and served Starfleet for sixteen years before being destroyed by Orion pirates in orbit of Launay II.

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