U.S.S. Cahill NCC-1420
Ambrose-class Frigate

Picture of the Cahill

Looking very much like an overgrown Cirrus-class scout, the Ambrose-class frigates were an integral part of Starfleet from their introduction in 2223 until the last ship was decommissioned in 2279. These frigates were not designed for exploration or colonial transport; they were designed to defend other ships whose own defenses were lacking. Ambrose-class ships could often be found in the company of Palonimo or Barazi-class ships, or escorting the massive Oregon-class colony ships to their final destinations. Equipped with a large shuttlebay and heavy lasers and particle beams, the nine ships in this class were respected by their crews because of their tendency to get them home alive.

The U.S.S. Cahill (NCC-1420) was decommissioned in 2275 and was sold to one William Logan Pierce, a wealthy starship designer. He proceeded to refit the vessel and created one of the only privately-owned ships capable of defending itself against a Klingon battlecruiser; this ship, rechristened the Blackheart, then patrolled the regions of the Federation that were often unvisited by Starfleet. She defended against pirate attacks, gave assistance when needed, and generally became something of a legend among the colonies of the Old Frontier. The Blackheart was destroyed while defending the colony world of Myeli Secundus from Orion raiders in 2331.

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