U.S.S. Brannoc
Picture of the Brannoc

The period between 2335 and 2360 was a fertile one for ship designers across the Federation. The Ambassador, Nebula, Galaxy, and Prometheus-classes were all designed and launched during this period, along with dozens of lesser-known designs. One standout among these is the Orgillon-class design, a ship capable of fulfilling the growing need for rapid-response firepower. A major update of the classic Hastings / Odessa design, these ships incorporate the updated 'rollbar' weapon pod / pylon assembly of the Irabazi-class as well. Starfleet placed an order for eight vessels, all of which remain in service with the various fleets waging war against the Dominion.

The U.S.S. Brannoc (NCC-63645) was the sixth vessel constructed in this class and is currently in service with the Third Fleet. The Brannoc has been upgraded with the latest technology: metaphasic shielding, quantum torpedoes, an IRCS package and even an experimental polaron weapon capable of piercing Cardassian and Jem'Hadar shielding. Unfortunately, the Brannoc was recently damaged heavily and is undergoing repairs at Starbase 375.

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