U.S.S. Balthasar
Picture of the Balthasar

Based on the Ambassador-class hull, the Johannes-class cruisers were an attempt to use off-the-shelf components to make an inexpensive, durable cruiser. By taking the Ambassador-class saucer section and adding sensor pallets and a massive impulse deck, Biraktes engineers created a capable vessel design that is still in use today. With six vessels still in service out of eleven constructed, these ships are often used as colonial escorts or personnel transports.

One of these ships is the U.S.S. Balthasar (NCC-51023), which ferried wounded from the front lines to Starbase 326 during the Dominion War. Outfitted as a makeshift hospital ship, the Balthasar carried more than fifteen thousand injured Starfleet and Klingon personnel over a two-year period; she also discovered an area of eroded subspace in the Nelu'vas star system near the starbase. While in this region, it was impossible to form a warp field, use subspace communications, or even activate the FTL-assisted main computer. This left the ship helpless until her crew managed to devise an escape by creating an artificial subspace pocket. The Balthasar remains stationed at Starbase 326.

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