U.S.S. Atronach
Picture of the Atronach

The Excelsior-class ships and their many variants have served Starfleet well for almost ninety years, but as they have aged Starfleet Command has searched for viable replacements and upgrades. One candidate was the Erlangen-class, a design very similar to but slightly smaller than their forefathers. Utilizing large pre-formed hull segments and large numbers of Excelsior-class components, the six vessels in this class could perform all the duties of the Excelsior-class while being almost one-quarter less costly. These ships have served Starfleet well, despite the ultimate decision to upgrade the Excelsior-class rather than replace them. Four remain in service while two have been decommissioned and placed in storage at the Inkestra VI Storage Facility.

One of the mothballed ships is the U.S.S. Atronach, a vessel with a history of misfortune. During her first propulsion systems test on stardate 25017, a malfunctioning RCS thruster caused the ship to collide with the drydock structure, resulting in several weeks of repair work. Several more incidents marred the ship's reputation until on stardate 34655 the Atronach collided with the U.S.S. Zhukov during a colonial escort mission. Both ships suffered major damage to their warp pylon assemblies; the Zhukov took four months to repair, while the Atronach was decommissioned and placed in storage.

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