U.S.S. Araba
Picture of the Araba

There has always been a need for dedicated science vessels, despite the capabilities of newer multimission-capable ships like the Galaxy- and Intrepid-classes. One of these is the Irtysh-class, a small design that has been in service for over forty years. The twenty-six vesssels in this class have catalogued hundreds of thousands of planetary surveys and scans of stellar phenomena, and have acquired a reputation for accuracy and efficiency. The hull is covered by sensor pods and emitters, and a large active scanner emplacement above the main hull is capable of as great a scanning range as a Galaxy-class starship. Twenty-one of these ships remain active in Starfleet, four have been destroyed, and one is currently in service with the Vulcan Science Institute.

The U.S.S. Araba (NCC-38154) is currently operating in Sector 21774 cataloguing the formation of a series of subspace funnels that has been taking place in the region for almost a decade. It is hoped that this phenomenon, when understood, will be able to provide new insight into the nature of subspace and possibly even new forms of transportation (provided the phenomenon can be controlled and duplicated).

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