U.S.S. Antion
Picture of the Antion

Another Excelsior-class derivation, the Moreau-class destroyers were an experiment to determine whether the firepower and speed of the full-sized Excelsior-class vessels could be incorporated into a smaller platform. Taking a similar layout to the Sumpter-class - with the warp nacelles extending over the primary hull - the three Moreau-class ships were barely adequate to the tasks for which they were designed and were ultimately decommissioned by Starfleet.

The U.S.S. Antion (NCC-9808), second vessel in the Moreau-class, was not placed into storage along with her sister ships. Instead, the Antion was put to use as a testbed vessel for various technological advances that were designed by Biraktes engineers. Sensor suites, weapon emitters, warp nacelles, and all manner of other systems have had their first trial runs aboard the Antion, including the IRCS units that are becoming popular with vessels undergoing refits. In fact, the current IRCS package fared so well that Biraktes engineers are considering making them a permanent system on the vessel.

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